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IP PBX servers

Gone, are they days of physical copper phone lines costing you business rate line rental for each one! Welcome to the future of IP Phone Systems.

Small Business' & Home Users

Micro Business IP PBX Server from £59.99!*

If you aren't dealing with many concurrent calls but want the power, flexibility and professionalism of a PBX server we have something for you! Plus, it's no bigger than a mobile phone. We can also configure and install the server at your premises. *Terms & Conditions apply, 10 concurrent calls recommended.

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Small - Medium Business'

Expandable IP pbx servers from £200

We provide customisable servers, new and refurbished that host your PBX system, whether you're handling 20 calls or 500 we'll have the tools for the job. We can install and configure the server at your premises.

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Setup within hours

We can install, deploy and configure your entire IP PBX Server for you within hours and make sure you are good to go.

Advertise to your clients

You can easily advertise to your customers or alert them of any information whilst they wait in your queues.

Easily Expandable

There is a massive community behind FreePBX and Elastix who are always developing new features.

customer journey

Your customer journey is everything, make sure it's a good one, no more busy signals, just pleasant queues and music.