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These are all the features features that are included in every edition! – (excluding licence varying modules ‘see Software Editions for more details’)

Support for Windows 10 (32- or 64-bit)

ProppFrexx ONAIR runs on any modern Microsoft Windows® operating system supporting the .Net Framework 4.5.2. Starting with Windows 7 up to Server 2015 or above, including either the 32-bit or the 64-bit versions.

Designed to operate 24/7

ProppFrexx ONAIR is designed to operate 24 by 7. Stability was one of the major design goals to ensure glitch free daily operations.

High Quality Audio Processing

ProppFrexx ONAIR is based on the best audio engine available on the market, which is BASS (see www.un4seen.com for details). Internal processing is performed in 32-bit floating point precision. The audio processing chain can be fully controlled by numerous options to guarantee an optimum in sound quality from input to output.

Full ASIO and WASAPI Support

ProppFrexx ONAIR supports any modern single or multi-channel soundcard with either a WDM, WASAPI or ASIO 2.0 driver. Therefore you might use almost any professional soundcard (digital or analog) with ProppFrexx ONAIR

Support for almost any Audio Format

ProppFrexx ONAIR supports playback of almost any audio format (stereo or multi-channel, file based or internet streaming), this includes for example WAV, BWF/RF64, AIFF, MP1/2/3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, OPUS, AAC, M4A etc.

Full TAG Reading and Writing Support

ProppFrexx ONAIR supports almost any meta data format (TAGs), including ID3v1, ID3v2, APE, OGG Vorbis, WMA, M4A (iTunes), BWF/RF64 etc. In addition any track meta data (like cue- and hook points, options, events etc.) can be written directly to the audio file TAGs or to a separate meta data file. An external meta data database table can also be integrated allowing you to leverage your existing library management tool.

Support for almost any Recording Format

ProppFrexx ONAIR supports encoding or transcoding from and to almost any audio format via freely configurable command-line encoders. This also includes on-the-fly recording of any mixer channel, e.g. for immediate voice tracking, on-air checks or archival purposes.

Full Replay Gain Support

ProppFrexx ONAIR fully supports automatic replay gain adjustments (either peak level normalization only and/or adjustment of the perceived psychoacoustic loudness).

Full VST and DSP Support

ProppFrexx ONAIR fully supports almost any VST 2.0/2.4 DSP plug-ins (e.g. StereoTool is even natively supported incl. full RDS integration). Besides that, ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with an integrated 10-band EQ, Dynamic Amplifier and a Compressor/Limiter per single mixer channel.

Automatic BPM Detection

ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with an integrated BPM detection allowing you to synchronize and mix tracks with a perfect beat match.

Modern, Skinnable User Interface

The ProppFrexx ONAIR user interface comes as a modern ribbon control with a multiple document interface and a flexible docking manager. This allows you to arrange any window to any location and of course also supports any multi monitor environment. Over 30 skins allow you to customize the look and feel to your needs. This also includes a high contrast skin and full high DPI support for color blind people. In addition TouchUI is fully supported!

Integrated Chat for Talkback

The integrated chat function allows you to communicate with other ProppFrexx Users (even located outside your LAN somewhere remote on the internet). This might for example be useful to synchronise or handover concurrent broadcasting tasks in a remote networking or multi-studio environment.

Integrated User Access Control

ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with an integrated user access control management, allowing you to define any number of users and assign them to a user profile. To each user profile you can assign roles, rights and settings. This allows you tailor what a user can do with ProppFrexx ONAIR during his daily operations while still using a single windows operating user account.

External Device Monitoring

ProppFrexx ONAIR allows you to monitor your external devices (soundcards), preventing unwanted changes (e.g. muting a device or changing the device volume) by other applications or manual user changes. An integrated silence detection allows you to automatically perform certain tasks if your station unexpectedly goes offline or is silent.

3rd Party Synchronisation

ProppFrexx ONAIR allows you to define control commands and synchronise events with played out streams or to other events happening in the system. This ensures full control not only over ProppFrexx ONAIR but also over any other application. Even any number of track events can be defined which might be triggered, if a specific position is reached (e.g. to insert tracks within tracks etc.).

MOD Stream Watcher

ProppFrexx ONAIR allows you to monitor external streaming sources (Audio-URLs) in the background, and if alive any current program might be suspended/paused or overlaid. This allows you to easily integrate external live, moderator broadcasts into your standard program.

And many More…

An ONAIR Time control informs you about the current time (incl. a quarter and hour countdown, an analog and digital clock). A customisable Station-Visual control (incl. your station logo as well as DJ pictures or live FFT visuals). A printing system to print your playlists or scheduler setup (incl. PDF, XML or HTML export). A weather control shows the current weather and a forecast for the next days. Full CD-Buring and -Ripping…

Unlimited Media Library Support

ProppFrexx ONAIR supports almost any playlist format (e.g. .m3u, .pls, .wpl, .xspf, iTunes .xml, .smil etc.). Any playlist can serve as a media library representing a database of tracks, which can be used any time during operations. In addition ProppFrexx ONAIR fully supports embedded playlists (playlists treated as a single continous track). You can also define Folder based media libraries (incl. automatic synchronisation) as well as database based media libraries, allowing you to integrate any existing content on-the-fly. For large setups a remote Media Library Server is available as well.

Integrated Scripting

ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with an integrated scripting engine (UI supported configuration without coding!). A script tells the system what tracks should be played in which order. This includes the use of rules, fix-time-elements as well as filters and options. Scripts can be used to define fully automated programs or to suggest pre-prepared playlists for voice tracking. History checks and most recently used/played statistics are fully supported.

External Device Monitoring

ProppFrexx ONAIR allows you to monitor your external devices (soundcards), preventing unwanted changes (e.g. muting a device or changing the device volume) by other applications or manual user changes. An integrated silence detection allows you to automatically perform certain tasks if your station unexpectedly goes offline or is silent.

Integrated Scheduling

ProppFrexx ONAIR allows you to define control commands and synchronise events with played out streams or to other events happening in the system. This ensures full control not only over ProppFrexx ONAIR but also over any other application. Even any number of track events can be defined which might be triggered, if a specific position is reached (e.g. to insert tracks within tracks etc.).

Full Automation and Live-Assist Support

The scripting engine combined with the scheduler allow you to run your station fully automated. In addition you can define when and if media libraries (playlists) should be automatically reloaded and if special folders should be monitored for new content in the background. However, you can of course always operate ProppFrexx ONAIR also in full manual mode or switch at any time between Live-Assist and automation mode. An AutoPlay feature also allows any operator to take a break and resume his live mode at any time later. This guarantees seamless operations in any day to day situation.

Integrated Cartwalls

ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with two integrated and independent cartwalls. Each cartwall allows you to quickly play any kind of jingle, sweeper, sample, whatsoever. Jump buttons allow you to quickly change your cartwall playlist. Multiple carts can be played all together or even sequentially in a row. Fading and looping can also be fully controlled.

Sophisticated DJ-Players

Each playlist window comes with up to four DJ Players. The size and features of these players can be defined from small/simple to medium/average to large/complex. A WaveForm visualisation, Cue-Point, Gain/Pan/EQ, special FX, hot start, event editor and loop sampler section, as well as (master) tempo and pitching controls, reverse direction and backspin support round up the picture.

Integrated Streaming Support

ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with integrated streaming support for SHOUTcast (v1 and v2), ICEcast and Windows Media Server in either push or pull mode. Any number of (different) streaming servers can be configured and used in parallel.

Flexible Mixer and Routing Setup

ProppFrexx ONAIR can be configured to work in any hardware environment. Any number of input and output mixer channels can be defined as well as virtual sub-busses for handing sum- or group channel strips (this includes freely definable speaker assignment). Any player control within ProppFrexx ONAIR can be freely routed to any of those channel strips. This gives you unmatched flexibility in your digital audio workstation setup and lets you integrate ProppFrexx ONAIR into any given studio environment.

Mixer Presets and Profiles

ProppFrexx ONAIR allows you to define any number of mixer profiles with up to 5 mixer presets each. This allows you to change your entire mixer setup or only the definition of your mixer control (including effect, gain, pan or volume settings) with just a single click.

Local, Harddisk or USB-Stick Registration

The ProppFrexx ONAIR registration is by default tied to your local machine (of course you can still use any resource within your local area network). However, a special hard disk or USB-Stick registration allows you bind your registration also to a local hard disk and/or a removable USB-Stick, so that you can carry ProppFrexx ONAIR with you on this single disk resp. single USB-Stick only (mobile DJ support).

Track Information Moderator Support

ProppFrexx ONAIR supports the DJ with his voice over task by displaying all currently relevant track information together with any predefined moderator text and comment in a separate and legibly window.

Full Timecode Control

ProppFrexx ONAIR not only shows you what time it is. You are also always informed about the current track position, elapsed track time, the remaining time until Cue-Out, until the next track, until Fade-Out as well as the remaining Ramp/Intro and Outro times, as well as the next program or overlay is due.

Integrated Web-Browser

ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with an integrated web browser. This web browser can be used to support ONAIR operations (e.g. to display station, artist, current track, moderation information etc.) or to display your custom web pages for interactive listener communication.

Integrated Message Centre with RSS

ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with a central message centre, which allows you to not only get informed by external events (like scheduler alerts or control room messages), but also to read any internet RSS feeds like current news, traffic control reports etc.

Multiple Histories and Statistics

ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with three playback history levels: media, script and global. In addition a playback statistic keeps track of the number of playouts and the last playback time of each track.

Flexible Import and Export

Integration with external Schedulers is fully supported. The used Media-Libraries can easily be exported to a freely definable format (CSV, FixedWidth, Database or Playlist). In addition ProppFrexx ONAIR allows you to import external scheduler log-files (e.g. from Music1, PowerGold, MusicMaster, MaxRadio, Natural, Traffic 2000, Ramcomm etc.) and to create on-the-fly appropriate program and/or overlay scheduler entries accordingly. You might even mix external scheduler logs with the internal scripting/scheduler capabilities – freedom to your choice.

Full synchronised PFL

ProppFrexx ONAIR allows you to monitor any playback or recording source at any time, fully synchronised. Beside real-time PFL (pre fade listening) an extra PFL player allows you to monitor any position of a playback control in advance resp. to change cue-points, timecodes or events on-the-fly up to a second before its playout.

WaveForm, Cue-Points, Volume Envelope

ProppFrexx ONAIR can visualise any audio track in a WaveForm display which allows you to directly edit cue-points and define volume envelops. You can define standard cue-points (like In, Out, Next, FadeOut, Intro/Ramp, Outro etc.) as well as special hook cue-points for partial playback of track snippets. In addition track insert events will be fully visualised.

Graphical Segue-Editor (Multi-Track-Editor)

ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with a graphical Segue-Editor which allows you to define the segue/mix of two or three subsequent tracks in a visual fashion by simply dragging the tracks. This multi-track editor also allows you to directly align your track inserts (voice overs) and supports real-time tempo adjustments as well as instant voice over recording and automatic volume attenuation.

Voice Tracking (Remote or Instant)

ProppFrexx ONAIR supports instant as well as remote voice over/tracking. This allows you to record takes on-the-fly (even from a remote home location) which can be used e.g. as track inserts or as completely new playlist entries. The voice tracking module supports direct cue-point editing, graphical segue editing, ReplayGain calculation as well as full TAG editing and volume attenuation of the overlapping segue audio tracks.

Freely configurable (Automatic) Mixing

ProppFrexx ONAIR allows you to freely define manual and automatic mixing settings to control how tracks (or type of tracks) are mixed during automation or automatic playback. Cue-Points might be automatically calculated based on these settings for individual tracks (or type of tracks) to ensure non-stop and silence-free play out. In addition you can freely define your own volume curves above that.

Support for Embedded Containers

ProppFrexx ONAIR not only allows you to use audio tracks within a playlist. In addition placeholders, document references and embedded (dynamic) containers are supported. An embedded container is a collection of entries (or a reference to a script or overlay entry), which is treated as one logical unit. An embedded container can be a list of audio tracks, an embedded playlist or even an embedded script, which allows you generate dynamic content. Even references to adverts or news are supported. You can create embedded containers on-the-fly and even define hook openers, separators and closers for individual media types.

Flexible Remote Control Support

ProppFrexx ONAIR can be remotely controlled via several freely configurable interfaces, e.g. TCP/IP, MIDI, Serial-IO, GamePort, Keyboard Hotkeys, OSC, IO-Warrior, Velleman, D&R-Airence, D&R-Airlite, Ember+ etc. This allows you to operate ProppFrexx not only via the user interface, but also via almost any external device (perfect integration with your existing DAW controllers should be guaranteed). Almost everything what you can do via the user interface you can also do via the remote control interfaces (e.g. you might use TouchOSC to convert your iPad into a full remote controller!). If an interface is currently not supported it can even be added by yourself or a partner via our extensible GPIO Client application API.

Multi Studio Support

ProppFrexx ONAIR supports remoting in a multi studio environment. If you operate multiple studios ProppFrexx ONAIR allows you to fully control each studio remotely from any other studio. This includes scheduler and playlist control as well as controlling any remote mixer channel plus a special master and slave mode for direct take-over (e.g. in emergency situations).

Full Reporting and Logging

Almost anything what ProppFrexx ONAIR is doing can be logged to freely configurable (text) log files. This should allow you to fulfill any internal or external reporting and regulatory requirements. In addition ProppFrexx ONAIR is capable to automatically record anything which is played out through any mixer channel; including various automatic sensing modes (e.g. to only record if a signal is detected or above a certain threshold). This enables you for example to record your entire program for archival purposes or to record the DJ voice talks only for later on-air checks.

Standby-Player and Trackboard

Beside the playlist related DJ Players ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with any number of additional Standby Players. Each Standby Players has the same functionality as the DJ Player plus a track stack mode and can serve manual play out of any track, stream or embedded playlist at any time. In addition a multi audio trackboard allows you to hold up any number of addition tracks for quick access.

Integrated Search, Find and Explore

ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with super fast search and retrieval tools. Beside scanning and/or monitoring your hard disk respective certain (network)folders all your defined media libraries can be quickly accessed to find relevant tracks on-the-fly. Depending on your quality of meta data this also includes searching for similar tracks. This allows you to find the right track at the right time (e.g. search by artist, album, title, BPM, genre, rating, mood etc.).


Various control-commands allow a perfect web-integration (e.g. to display your current tracks). This includes all meta data attributes incl. cover arts.

Advertising and News Management

As a stand-alone application, this tool manages all your advertising partners and their campaigns. You can plan and organise your advert slots, give the advert campaigns priorities, distribute them over time automatically or assign them manually to your slots, define splitters, keys as well as opener and closer tracks. This also includes full reconciliation and billing of your advert partners. In addition this tool can manage any number of traffic or news categories and automatically pick the latest items to create an automatically scheduled playlist. News and Adverts are basically planned using the overlay scheduler. However, you can also reference any overlay playout directly from within your main playlist or via your external scheduler. As such you are always free to use the build-in functionalities or to use external planning tools – you can even mix both – you define the workflow!

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